“Pulse Of The Market” Crypto Charting Software! Coming Soon!

Our software is the only place in the world where you can gain access to the Wyckoff indicators that include our Optimism-Pessimism Index, the Force, & Technometer. These indicators which are only available at are invaluable and required when using the Wyckoff Method to accurately predict market direction in the Cryptocurrency space

This software gathers data from 100+ exchanges, to give you a true picture of volume trading.  Without this data, you can not apply true technical analysis.

Indicators now updated every 5 minutes throughout the trading day!! Packed full of cutting edge features to help any trader monitor the markets and gain the edge required in today’s fast moving markets. We have spent hundreds of hours developing and using our “Pulse of the Market” Crypto Charting software to ensure reliability, stability and performance standards.


Our software allows you to complete all the same familiar tasks that other charting software allow you to do such as request point/figure charts, draw trend lines and add shapes and text to your charts, while expanding your capabilities to include features that no other software has. Such as being 100% mobile compatible, allowing you to take your charting software around the world with you even if you don’t have access to your computer or laptop.

With our “Pulse of the Market” Crypto Charting software at your finger tips and proper Wyckoff Methods in place you are sure to increase your chance of achieving success in the Cryptocurrency markets.